Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Justin Vernon's Voice Stands Up Tall Outside Studio

Bon Iver performed last Friday, August 5th @ the Boston House of Blues. Biggest concern was that Justin Vernon's tenuous voice might be too gossamer to stand up on its own and carry the same characteristically raw tune. From the very first note of Perth, the opener, it was clear this fear was unjustified.

Bon Iver made their way through the majority of tracks off their new self-titled sophomore album, just grazing the first album, For Emma, Forever Ago. Cast in hazy blue lights, the band gave the spacious venue a predictably intimate feel. Accompanied by eight or nine (okay, admittedly, the PBRs were flowing) fellow bandmates, the sound was rich as a choir. This new rich sound is a noteworthy departure from the skeletally stripped down sound of the first album.

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