Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bon Iver, Bon Iver: Definitely Not Broken Record

If his first full-length album For Emma, Forever Ago, was cyrogenically-frozen-blue, Bon Iver's second self-titled album is shimmering-gold. The album is quiescent wind chime meets full-throttle marching band in pregnant pauses and unexpected turns.
His 10-track sophomore album is bomb. Vernon has emerged from the heartbreak-hotel-cabin he holed himself up in to write For Emma three years ago and has released a beautiful album heralding renewal.
Released in late June (though iTunes OOPSed and released it a week earlier than it was slated to), highlights of the album include:
Perth (haunting opening guitar crescendos to Mickey Mouse wrastling broomsticks a la Fantastia)
Michicant (throwback to Jeff Buckley's merry-go-round tune in Je n'en connais pas la fin)
Wash. (lighthearted piano pinnacles)
Holocene (slowly growing momentum-turns-tempest)
Bon Iver will be lighting up Boston's House of Blues next Friday, August 5th. The show's been sold out for months. In a righteous move, they made it a will-call show only. This artist continually jaw-drops me with his coolness. I'm considering sleeping on the street like those crazy moms post-Christmas outside Walmart to get a spot front-and-center.

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